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Biodiverse Carbon

The first carbon footprint compensation program in Portugal that preserves ancient large trees while planting the ones of tomorrow

VERDE created and implemented an ecosystem in Lousada, in Northern Portugal, inviting self-aware citizens and organizations to compensate for their carbon footprint by contributing to preserving and growing biodiverse forestry in Portugal.


1. Guardians of Giants - People or private collectives who are aware of their carbon footprint, and who actively want to compensate for it by contributing to the preservation and plantation of biodiverse forestry in Portugal.


2. Green Giants - Trees with a large dimension and a high ecological value that the Biodiverse Carbon program aims to preserve, preventing them from being felled.


3. Keepers of Giants - They are the landowners, managers, or tenants who join the Biodiverse Carbon with the mission of taking the best care of the Green Giants rooted in their proprieties.


4. Ecological Restoration - Plantation of young native trees and other field interventions to restore or preserve habitats.


5. VERDE - Our organization aims to avoid the continuous felling of Green Giants while also intervening in the surrounding territories to preserve biodiversity. As the promotor of the Carbon Biodiverse program, VERDE is the bridge between Green Giants, Guardians, and Keepers, by leading Ecological Restoration activities.

Biodiverse Carbon is a compensation system that connects Guardians to Keepers through subsidizing:


  • preservation of the Keepers' Green Giants, ensuring the maintenance of the large trees' high ecological value, under VERDE's guidance and monitoring to reinforce forestry management best practices;

  • ecological restoration of the Keepers' territories via plantation of young native trees, risk management, control of exotic invading species, and construction of shelters for biodiversity.

I want to become a Guardian of Giants to compensate my carbon footprint:

Distribution of raised funds

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Want to be a Keeper of Giants?

Are your a landowner, manager, or tenant of a propriety that houses Green Giants in Lousada?


Let's unite to keep these Giants around by valuing and preserving them.

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