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Green Giants

Mission: Preserving the legacy of large trees

Green Giants is the first VERDE project, serving our organisation's primary mission for the preservation and regeneration of large trees. The project is based on three main premises: to know, to engage, to value.

To Know

In Lousada, a small town in the district of Porto, in the north of Portugal, we know and have studied to date 7400 Giants, which provide ecosystem services essential to life as they grow:

• Capturing carbon while producing oxygen;
• Removing pollutants from the air while cooling the ground with their shade;
• Preventing floods while helping to fill aquifers;
• Providing a habitat for hundreds of living beings, such as birds, insects, plants and fungi.

They do all this daily, simultaneously, just as they did during the last tens or hundreds of years they lived and evolved. Since 2017, more than 450 have disappeared in Lousada.

To Engage

We want to involve the community.

We believe in the importance of creating projects that meet the needs of landowners of large trees and to carry out activities that engage the citizens of the municipalities where we act, from the smallest to the oldest, so that they get to know, through playful moments and training, the importance of these majestic living beings in the preservation of the planet.

To Value

The Green Giants are one of the world's most effective natural-based technologies for carbon sequestration. They can sequester up to 50 kg of carbon per year from the atmosphere while having 1500 kg stored in them. We created a project called Biodiverse Carbon to take action helping to preserve these trees while offsetting your personal carbon emissions.

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