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Giants Keepers

Commit to preserving your trees and earn more from it
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Green Giants is VERDE's first project.  From its three main premises: Knowing, Involving and Valuing , arises the need to involve their protectors and train them to be the caretakers of these Giants, showing and valuing that they give us so much while they remain standing.
Do you have Green Giants on your property? Then find out what we have in store for you.

Keepers of Giants are the owners, managers or tenants of large trees (defined as any tree with a trunk perimeter measuring 1.30 meters from the ground, greater than 150 centimeters).

They are those who deal with this heritage on a daily basis and therefore are also the people we want to have by our side in promoting its preservation.

We intend that, by assuming this commitment with us, you are guaranteed some rights:

  • Take advantage of differentiating opportunities with partner entities of the project, namely, through the GREEN Card;

  • Become a member of VERDE, being exempt from quotas, and having the other associated benefits;

  • That their trees are pre-selected to receive a management subsidy and remuneration for ecosystem services (SGRSE), resulting from the funds raised by the Biodiverse Carbon project. This subsidy can reach values of up to €100 per year per tree;

  • Free technical consultancy in VERDE's areas of intervention for the management of its tree heritage classified as Green Giant; 

  • Schedule ecological restoration actions on your property with the help of VERDE and its network of volunteers;

  • Access collaborative tree management budgets, allowing you to reduce costs associated with managing your trees by up to 20%;

  • Priority in accessing information on issues related to ongoing projects and on the management of the entire Green Giants Project;

  • Priority in accessing new opportunities and projects to be implemented by VERDE

Do you want to be a Keeper?

The first steps to become a Keeper:

  1. Fill Preencha this form, and share the following information:

    1. Full name

    2. Email and/or phone number

    3. Home Address (only in Lousada currently)

    4. Number of large trees in your property

  2. We will reach out to schedule a visit to your property to make an assessment of your Green Giants. We will photograph them and the surrounding territory, and we will outline the property in a map. We will need documented Proof of Registry for the Property.

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