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Lousada City Council

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VERDE and the Lousada City Council work together to preserve Lousada's natural heritage by performing a set of actions that intend to improve the lives of the people of Lousada.

The Municipality of Lousada, recognized in 2019 with the Transformative Action Award, has been a pioneer in Portugal for biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability best practices. The adoption of a sustainability strategy since 2014 has shown concrete results in different areas. It keeps inspiring us to replicate those actions daily and in different places.



VERDE and ANP | WWF (Associação Natureza Portugal | World Wide Fund for Nature) intend to contribute to the reduction of the Portuguese ecological footprint by encouraging each of us to play a more active and sustainable role in daily routine. They have been partners through the Biodiverse Carbon project by sharing all the valuable tips of their programme "Mudança Verde", which means green change.

WWF began its work in Portugal during the late 1990s. Over the years, it has assembled a multidisciplinary conservation, fundraising and communication team dedicated to preserving Portugal's natural assets. Therefore, ANP's main goals, in cooperation with WWF, are to conserve biodiversity and forest ecosystems, protect marine biodiversity, promote fisheries sustainability, and preserve freshwater ecosystems and water resources. ANP also intervenes in climate change and the promotion of sustainable consumption.



VERDE and Nidore work together for the regeneration and preservation of degraded ecosystems.

10% of the profit from each Nidore sale is donated to VERDE to finance ecosystem restoration actions.

Under the motto "it's not just candles, it's experiences", our partner Nidore, coordinated by Mário and Miguel, was born to make it possible for the highest number of people to have handmade candles and diffusers that are vegan, ecological and sustainable at an affordable price. Nidore masters the art of creating fragrances and aromas in natural and vegetable wax to contribute to a better future and planet. In 2021, they started a new way to get their essences to customers' homes under the motto "no flame and no stress". You can know more details about this partnership we care about so much, here.

Catarina Barreiros
/ doZero


VERDE and Catarina Barreiros, CEO of the doZero store, intend to contribute to improving Portuguese citizens' and companies' environmental and social responsibility. By collaborating with VERDE since the beginning, and thanks to Catarina's excellent work, this partnership has made it possible to find new financing opportunities to promote nature conservation in Portugal.

Catarina Barreiros is a digital influencer in sustainability with more than 75 thousand followers on social media. She describes herself as a former fast-fashion addict, sceptical of anything that seems like conspiracy theories or marketing scams. She also considers herself a "professional eye-roller" while watching documentaries about the environment and society and constantly tries to live a life without waste and with minimum footprint. She recognizes she fails every day to do so but keeps learning how to do it better. She is also CEO of doZero, an online store where she also promotes her lifestyle and shares the best tips with her followers.



VERDE and E-REDES are establishing a pilot project in the municipality of Lousada to improve the ecosystems of the areas managed by this company, while helping to preserve Green Giants and transforming these areas into valuable ecological corridors.

E-REDES is an electricity distribution network in mainland Portugal, guaranteeing the supply of electricity to all consumers with quality, safety and efficiency, promoting the development of a distribution network enabled to support the energy transition and impartially ensure service availability for the market agents. Through its Social Investment Plan, E-REDES seeks to continually invest in projects that contribute to a good relationship with its stakeholders and society, namely regarding nature and biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services and a more integrated territory and vegetation management, energy transition and carbon neutrality. The “Preservar a Natureza” programme, meaning preserve nature, meets the need to protect the natural heritage and biodiversity by supporting organisations or projects that aim to (re)create and conserve natural and semi-natural areas to protect vulnerable species and enhance the supply of essential ecosystem services.



VERDE and Reboot joined forces in a partnership, as the projects identify with each other's mission. We decided to grow together and hand in hand because we believe that synergies are fundamental for projects like ours, which want to change the world.

Reboot is a non-profit organisation created in 2020, a challenging year, with the mission to establish a community committed to the same goal, regardless of the pace. This commitment seeks to restore and promote a prosperous planet where humanity can cohabit with Nature.

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