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We have created a set of services to enhance nature conservation in areas managed by private owners or entities. We offer integrated carbon offsetting solutions for citizens or companies by financing environmental projects.

Technical support to municipalities in creating regulations for tree management in urban areas

Technical support in the creation and public discussion of municipal regulations for the management of trees in urban areas, depending on the local context of each municipality. Facilitation of the processes for general debate with citizens.

Large trees inventory – Green Giants

Service for inventory and characterisation of large trees following the methodology of the Green Giants project, including an assessment of ecosystem services provided by each tree.

Technical support for tree classification processes of public interest

The "Tree of Public Interest" comprises isolated specimens or groups of trees that, due to their representativeness, rarity, size, age, history, cultural significance or surrounding landscape, can be considered of public interest with careful conservation being recommended. We help with the application process to classify public trees according to Portuguese Law No. 53/2012

Corporate team building

We organize and promote team building and volunteering actions for companies, groups, associations and other organisations interested in contributing to nature conservation through planting native trees, controlling invasive species or building artificial habitat structures to foster biodiversity in Lousada.

Individual or organisational carbon offset

Suppose your organisation seeks to offset its environmental footprint by investing in projects that promote ecosystem restoration and biodiversity. In that case, our Biodiverse Carbon solution may meet what you are looking for.

Support the accounting and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to internationally recognized methodologies

Our team cooperates with national experts in the accounting and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to internationally recognized methodologies of scope 1, 2 and 3. If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

Tree inventory in urban areas

Urban forest inventory service following Portuguese Law no. 59/2021, with information on:

- Species and variety;
- Dimensions;
- Approximate age;
- Phytosanitary status;
- Geolocation;
- Biodiversity support capacity
- Assessment of ecosystem services provided (carbon sequestration and storage, removal of atmospheric pollutants, avoidance of stormwater runoff)
- Rating criteria.

Scientific and technical advisory

We provide specialised scientific advisory services for territory management or communication in:

- Urban tree management
- Inventory of fauna and flora
- Sustainable forest management
- Technical and scientific training actions
- Ecosystem restoration

We also support processes of ideation and implementation of new ideas and mechanisms that allow the conservation of natural values included in specific territories.

Lectures and Workshops

We are available to talk about our projects and our vision in lectures, conferences and workshops. We believe that sharing ideas and discussing emerging topics is one of the first steps toward change.

Guided and interpretive walking tours

Do you want to know about the Green Giants and the biodiversity of Lousada? And the results of the ecosystem restoration actions that are being taken? We have prepared a set of routes and guided tours, allowing you to discover nature with your friends or even with your co-workers in a team-building event. If you are interested, please reach us to find out more.

Service to reduce the ecological footprint of your employees

Would you like to provide your employees with some help to reduce their personal footprint? You could consider offering them VERDE's weekly footprint reduction tips and ensure that your employees stay updated with the latest and most relevant insights.

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