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By subscribing to the Conscious Guardian plan  you become part of the Biodiverse Carbon® ecosystem in the following ways: supporting VERDE's actions on the ground, learning how to reduce and offset your carbon footprint.




Support for actions on the ground:

  • you becomeguardian of 1,1 giant trees;

  • will be100 trees plantedon your behalf for each year of subscription;

  • You allow VERDE to continue the ecological restoration work with specialized teams;

  • You become a member of VERDE during the subscription months, with privileged access to the activities we organize and thinking with us about the association's role in nature conservation.

Reduction and compensation of individual carbon footprint:

  • You now have access to the GREEN community with shares about environmental conservation and active citizenship;

  • You offset your individual footprint through this subscription;

  • You receive a periodic report of your carbon footprint offsets, relative to the subscribed plan.


Conscious Guardian

Price Options
One-time purchase
Plano Anual
Renova automaticamente até completar 12 meses
€56.00every month for 12 months
Plano Vitalício
Renova automaticamente, cancela quando quiseres
€56.00every month until canceled
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