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Nature conservation project manager

We are looking for a new member for our team, who will guarantee an excellent implementation of the Carbono Biodiverso® Project with the owners of Gigantes Verdes.

This element will be responsible, initially, for the dissemination of the project and work of VERDE with the owners of Gigantes Verdes®  from Lousada. Additionally, it will evaluate the ecosystem services that these trees provide, establishing the technical basis necessary for the execution of contracts related to payments for ecosystem services arising from the preservation of these large trees. We hope that over time this team member will become autonomously responsible for managing partnerships with local landowners.  


This position is essential for the execution of the Carbono Biodiverso® Project , ensuring VERDE's presence in the field on an ongoing basis. 

Responsibilities of this role:

  • Dissemination and communication of the Carbono Biodiverso® solution to the owners of Giants Verdes in Lousada; 

  • Field work to register, characterize and verify the trees of interested owners;

  • Entering into contracts for payments for ecosystem services;

  • Owners management;

  • Associative work in other actions linked to VERDE's activities (ecological restoration, environmental education, land management).

Characteristics of the ideal candidate:

For the best performance of these functions we are looking for someone who:

  • Preferably have a background in Biology, Forestry, Environmental Engineering or Landscape Architecture;

  • Work with purpose, dedication and connection to the mission;

  • Show interest in learning and developing new skills;

  • Demonstrate flexibility and availability in managing daily tasks;

  • Have excellent communication and negotiation skills with different types of stakeholders;

  • Show proactivity and initiative;

  • Show lightness in work and the ability to deal with challenges and mistakes.


Must also have experience in Project Management , preferably in one or more of the following areas:

  • Sustainable forest or urban grove management;

  • Forest or urban grove inventory;

  • Management of natural resources in forest habitat;

  • Territory and habitat management;

  • Carbon offset solutions.


Additionally, you must have knowledge and skills in:

  • Geographic Information Systems;

  • Organization and processing of data;

  • Forestry and nature conservation legislation applicable in Portugal and/or relating to carbon offset solutions;

  • Production of technical reports;

  • Excellent writing and understanding of documents in Portuguese and English.


Function features:

  • Type: full time

  • Location: Lousada

  • Contract: 6 months renewable

  • Base salary: €1000 + meal allowance

  • Start forecast: June 2022

  • Work in a small and close team, with a lot of autonomy and responsibility 

  • Mandatory light driving license


About GREEN:

VERDE is an association created to integrate the conservation and regeneration of nature into the daily lives of the Portuguese.  

We know that nature has the magic of making each cycle happen by itself and, therefore, we want to act as an almost invisible hand, implementing concrete actions, with the least possible intervention and, thus, achieving better results of nature preservation. 

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