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Biodiverse Carbon

What if you could offset your carbon emissions by preserving today's old allies and planting tomorrow's?

On average, the lifestyle of a Portuguese citizen accounts for 5 tons of carbon released into the atmosphere per year. Biodiverse Carbon allows you to take action by offsetting the carbon emissions of your commute, holidays, shopping and eating habits, among other seemingly harmless elements of your daily routine.

The solution lies in one of the most effective nature-based technologies in the world: the Green Giants, large ancient trees that provide us with essential ecosystem services for life to prosper:
• Capturing carbon while producing oxygen;
• Removing pollutants from the air while cooling the ground with their shade;
• Preventing floods while helping to fill aquifers;
• Providing habitat for hundreds of living beings, such as birds, insects, plants and fungi.


Since 2017, more than 450 of these trees have disappeared. It is urgent to care for and preserve them and their superpowers, as we risk losing them every day. Biodiverse Carbon finances the preservation of the Green Giants mapped so far, as well as the plantation of future Giants, while simultaneously allowing you, as a Guardian, to complement all the work you have been doing to reduce your environmental impact.

Check the table to understand the long-term effects of each plan.

Tabela 3.png
Plano Carb Biodiv

Become a Guardian

Choose your monthly Biodiverse Carbon plan here:

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